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Jörgen Kocksgatan 65 Malmö Sweden  Tel: 0046 040 6808100   Fax:0046 040 6808111   Email info@syd-com.se


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Our business idea is to offer customized total solutions from the leading providers of tele-and datacom products and carriers on a growing integration-oriented local and global market.

DITT AB Syd-Com shall offer total solutions for small and medium sized businesses including products, installation, service and training and support the business by being an active partner as the market is changing and technologies migrate.

Established in 1976 we try to play an active and important role for our customers investments in effective communication.


Our high profile with nationwide tele-and data competence from the worlds leading providers, guarantees our customers access to the most potent and cost- effective solutions with the latest technology.

So if you have plans to start new business in Sweden,autonomous or incorporated,then we are your right partner for your communication set-up.

Kenneth Persson

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